Israel – Hamas: The story of a 17-year-old girl who spent her hostage life with her dog is touching (VIDEO)

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When Mia Leiberg, a 17-year-old Israeli was freed, she appeared before the television cameras holding in her arms what must have been a huge help to her during her captivity, her little dog Bella.

The story of the Israeli hostage begins from the moment she went with her mother to visit her aunt's house with her little dog, in Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak, when they were taken hostage.

According to a report in the Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom, Mos Leiberg, Mia's father, had been searching for the animal for a long time after the attack in southern Israel on October 7 by the Islamist group Hamas, which took about 240 people hostage. , among them his daughter.

Before she began to hope that Mia and Bella had been driven to the Gaza Strip together and that the teenager would therefore have some real comfort with her.

The fate of the animal was not revealed until yesterday evening when it appeared in Mia's arms, flanked by two hooded men, members of the two Palestinian Islamist movements, Hamas on the one hand and Islamic Jihad on the other, at the time when she was being handed over to International Committee of the Red Cross.

The photo was on the front page of one of the largest Israeli newspapers today. Bella apparently stayed with Mia throughout her 7 weeks of detention in the Gaza Strip.