China: Egg price rises as hens lay fewer eggs due to heatwave

Because of the heat, the hens lay less than normal

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Extremely hot temperatures in China have caused the price of eggs to rise as the heat causes hens to lay fewer eggs than normal, local media reported.

Heat waves regularly hit China in the summer, especially in the arid western part of the country as well as the south. However, according to scientists, in recent years the heatwaves have been more intense due to climate change, which is already having an impact on the economy.

In the eastern Chinese city of Hefei, 900 kilometers south of Beijing, poultry farmers have noticed a drop in egg production due to the heat, according to local media.

To cool the hens, some producers were forced to install air conditioners, the Jianghuai Morning News reported.

The reduction in production has led to an increase of around 30% in the price of eggs in Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province.

Similar increases were observed in many provinces.

Prolonged extreme temperatures are harming the production of animal products such as eggs and milk, according to a report by the US Department of Agriculture.

Hefei has already recorded 14 days this year in which the temperature exceeded 38 degrees Celsius.

In addition, many cities in China have recorded record temperatures in recent days, and the authorities issued a red heat alert again on Monday.

Many provinces are handing out electricity to businesses as the power grid is strained by increased demand and hydroelectric dams struggle to cope with falling water levels.

Source: RES-EAP