Entrepreneurs broadcast SOS - "Many unemployed by the end of the month"

The situation is characterized as tragic by the restaurants and entertainment places and they ask the state to respond to their requests.

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The restaurants and entertainment venues characterize the situation as tragic and ask the state to respond to their requests.

SigmaLive contacted the President of PASYKA, Fano Leventis, who stated that the situation is desperate.

He added that the majority of entrepreneurs are in despair. "The state deprived the restaurants of the right to operate."

He stressed that entrepreneurs raise their hands as the bills and expenses run, with the owners not knowing how to meet their obligations.

He clarified that regarding the financial support they expect from the state, the competent Ministries are keeping silent.

Mr. Leventis clarified that the taking of measures and the mobilizations are scenarios that are on the table as a measure of pressure on the Government. "The only thing holding us back is the aggravated epidemiological picture and the rapid increase in cases."

PASYKA will issue an announcement by the evening regarding the next steps of the Association, Mr. Leventis told SigmaLive.

On his part, the President of the Association of Entertainment Centers Nikos Vassilios stated that the Association expects a response from the Ministry of Health to their request for a meeting, while OEB has also been involved in the discussions.

At the same time, he stated that they are in contact with the Ministry of Finance, regarding the compensations that should be given to the entrepreneurs. "By the end of the month, several companies are expected to close and many employees will remain unemployed", said Mr. Vassilios.

He added that they are in contact with other sectors such as events (weddings and baptisms) and next week they will have a general assembly together where their next steps will be determined for measures of pressure on the Government.