Ukrainian schoolgirl killed by Russian saboteurs - Her little brother rejoices

One of the youngest victims of the Russian invasion of Ukraine - The girl's brothers are hospitalized

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From the beginning Russian invasion of Ukraine dozens of civilians have been killed, including at least 16 children. One of the youngest victims of the war is a Ukrainian schoolgirl who was killed along with her parents when the car they were riding in was attacked by Russian saboteurs.

The only thing that has become known so far is her name. According to Deputy Mayor Volodymyr Bodarenko, this is Polina who was a student in the last grade of primary school. She was in the car with her parents, brother and sister when they came under Russian fire. According to Bodarenko, the girl's brother and sister survived and are being treated in hospitals.

Another attack on civilians that again had one victim small child occurred in Mariupol. Russian fire leveled the girl's house, cutting the thread of his life. As the doctor who fought to save the little girl says: "Show this to Putin. This child's eyes. "

The unnamed child was wearing his pajamas when he was fatally injured by a shell at the family home. The body of the little girl in the hospital bed is the epitome of Vladimir Putin's war. At a time when doctors are making superhuman efforts to keep the little girl alive, the flashes of the photographers capturing the incident are pointing at a woman who can not believe that the girl, who is probably her daughter, is lying dead.

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With her blood-stained hand, the Ukrainian closes her mouth and with the other holds the pink scarf of the unfortunate child. No one knows if the clothes belong to her child who was fatally injured during yesterday bombing that leveled a hospital in Mariupol of Of Ukraine.