Eurovision in the "air" due to coronavirus

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A total of 65.000 spectators and fans from around the world are expected this year in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, for nine different Eurovision events, including the May 16 final, as cases of the new coronavirus increase daily - and rapidly - in Europe.

The Dutch state broadcaster NPO has announced that it is continuing consultations with the European Broadcasting Corporation, a Eurovision co-producer, to look into the impact the new coronavirus epidemic could have on the competition.

However, he did not want to comment on the information, according to which the contest could be held without the presence of thousands of his warm fans and to be filmed behind closed doors.

In the Netherlands, the confirmed number of cases rose to 128 today, from 82 yesterday, health officials said, and the country recorded its first death from the virus.

The organizers of the song contest, however, assured that their goal is to ensure that the music event is held - which attracts the interest of millions of viewers worldwide.

"It is too early to comment on possible scenarios, as they depend on developments in the near future. "Our goal remains to organize an unforgettable Eurovision song contest," the NPO reported, as reported by the Dutch news agency ANP.

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