Annita Dimitriou: With cooperation we can solve problems faced by the elderly

Mrs. Dimitriou said that "these days we need to be close to people in need"

bb annita 1 ANNITA DIMITRIOU, elderly

With cooperation and determination we can solve the problems faced by the elderly, said today the Speaker of Parliament Annita Dimitriou.

In statements after a visit to the Cleantheio Home for the Elderly in Athienou, Ms. Dimitriou said that "These days we need to be close to people in need and today we will share love and smiles but also discuss the problems and challenges that our elderly in particular present."

Answering a relevant question, the Speaker of Parliament said that "Many people, either younger or older, need specific structures to take care of them. "Especially during these holidays we have the opportunity to see important problems and issues faced by the elderly, so that we can contribute to managing them properly.".

There are definitely problems, continued Annita Dimitriou "and we need to see how we can deal with them. "The visits are a very good opportunity for us to be able to overcome them all together," he said, adding that "We need more cooperation and determination to be able to solve some issues that obviously exist."

For his part, Vassos Hatzigiannakou, Chairman of the Management Committee of the Kleanthios Home for the Elderly stated that "more than 40 people live in the Center. The Roof dates back more than 60 years and the Commission's concern is to be sustainable and highly efficient so that the elderly who are hosted can live and be rewarded for their hard work ".

He added that "the staff, the Management and the Management Committee of the Housing work day and night so that any problems faced by the elderly who are hosted here, are reduced and if possible eliminated. Of particular importance to us, however, is the volunteering that developed in Athienou, became a man in the Home for the Elderly and arrived in Europe, receiving the URBACT award ".

He also noted that "The volunteerism for which Athenou grew up is being transferred to seven other cities in Europe, so that Europeans can be informed, take examples and be able to implement it. For Athenou, the transfer of volunteering to European cities is a great distinction, since as leaders we want to transfer this good practice of volunteering throughout Europe. ".