Handcuffs on a 26-year-old for a car theft case

The arrest was made after a complaint by a 29-year-old


A 26-year-old woman was arrested today by the Police, under a court arrest warrant, in the context of an investigation into a theft case.

According to a complaint made by a 29-year-old to the Police on 20/1/2022, the amount of 100 euros and various personal documents were stolen from her vehicle, which was parked in a parking lot in Paphos.

To facilitate the investigation into the case, a testimony was obtained against the 26-year-old, who was arrested this morning and taken into custody.

In the possession of the 26-year-old, a small amount of cannabis and methamphetamine were also found.
The examinations are continued by the Department of Minor Offenses of Paphos and YKAN Paphos.