Naturalization report: 53% outside the legal framework - Disciplinary responsibilities

In the hands of the Attorney General the conclusion on the naturalizations

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Possible political, criminal and disciplinary responsibilities are identified by the finding of the Commission of Inquiry to investigate the exceptional naturalization of foreign investors and businessmen, as stated by the Chairman of the Commission Myronas Nikolatos during the presentation of the final report of the Commission to Attorney General George Sav.

"In the Commission's judgment, the essential time 2007 "Until August 2020, there was massive illegality, ie violation of the relevant law by the Council of Ministers and others regarding the naturalization of members of the families of investors-entrepreneurs and executives of companies-investors," said Mr. Nikolatos.

Specifically, he added, out of the 6.779 exceptionally naturalized naturalizations, 3.609 natural persons, or 53%, relate to family members and company executives, which were naturalized outside the legal framework.

It is obvious, he continued, that the KEP was operating from 2007 until 17 August 2020 with gaps and shortcomings without sufficient legislative and almost no regulatory framework.

From the evidence before us there are potential political responsibilities of politicians, institutions and officials.

Possible criminal responsibilities were also identified, which are mainly borne by applicants-investors, and entrepreneurs, as well as providers or their associates. In addition, possible disciplinary or ethical responsibilities were identified.

The Attorney General said that “as in the case of the interim report, the final report submitted to me today will be the first stage of a thorough study by the Legal Service. "Then, just as I received the commitment from you and the public, it will be made public in the same way that the Commission's interim report was."

He added that the cases “in which you propose examination and interrogation of nationalities will be referred to the competent bodies of the state for study and decision making. The same will happen for the cases where you identify the possibility of disciplinary responsibilities ".

"I assure you that where and when conditions are found that justify criminal investigations and bringing persons to justice, the Legal Service will do its duty in full," said Mr. Savvidis.