In the hands of the Attorney General the conclusion on the naturalizations

It will be delivered today to his Office by the Research Committee

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The conclusion of the Investigative Committee on the exceptional naturalization of foreign investors and businessmen will be in the hands of the Attorney General, George Savvidis, from today at noon.

Specifically, the President and the members of the four-member Research Committee set up to investigate the exceptional naturalizations of foreign investors and entrepreneurs from 2007 to August 17, 2020 will deliver at 12.30 its conclusion to Mr. Savvidis, in his office at the Legal Service .

It is recalled that the Research Committee had submitted an interim report to Mr. Savvidis on April 16 last year. It stated that the Commission had examined applications concerning a total of 6.779 foreign investors, businessmen and members of their families, who were exceptionally naturalized Cypriot citizens, and found that 51,81% of the investors' family members, ie women , adult children and parents - were naturalized illegally, after it was found by the Research Committee that their naturalization took place outside the institutional framework applicable to the KEP.

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee is the former President of the Supreme Court, Myronas Nikolatos, and its members are
Assistant Auditor General, Kyriakos Kyriakou, the Financial Commissioner, Pavlos Ioannou, and the Chairman of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, Dimitra Kalogirou. The Commission of Inquiry was appointed in September 2020. The former Supreme Court Judge, Costas Pampallis, was initially appointed to the Commission, who resigned for personal reasons in October 2020 and was replaced by Ms. Kalogirou.

The Commission was instructed to investigate in connection with the exceptional naturalization of foreign entrepreneurs and investors and the Cyprus Investment Program, from 2007 until 17.8.20, the date of publication of the new legal framework:

(a) Whether all the laws, decisions of the Council of Ministers and all the laws, procedures, procedures, terms and conditions in force at the time of submission and / or examination of the applications were correctly applied; including the economic criteria to be met,
(b) whether the findings of the investigation referred to in paragraph (a), in the judgment of the Commission, give rise to any evidence or facts:
(i) which may impose liabilities on any person involved as a result of his or her actions or omissions in the performance of his or her duties, and
(ii) which justify the possible initiation of the examination procedure for the deprivation of Cypriot citizenship on the basis of the applicable legislation ”.