Syllouris' testimony was completed without answering any questions

He did not answer any questions asked to him by the former Speaker of Parliament

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Without answering any question submitted to him by the Investigative Committee of the Exceptional Naturalization of Foreign Investors and Entrepreneurs, the deposition of the former Speaker of Parliament, Dimitris Syllouris, was completed on Wednesday.

Mr. Syllouris, who appeared before the Commission of Inquiry at 14:30, read a written statement and then stated that he did not answer any questions, saying that he would exercise his constitutional right to silence.

As Mr. Sillouris said, given that he has no information about the progress of the police investigations in relation to his illegal videotape by the Al Jazeera television channel, on October 30, 2020, he is obliged before the Commission to exercise his constitutional right. of silence, on the advice of his lawyer.

"That will be my answer to all the questions you intend to ask me," he said.

He clarified that his stance, which, as he stated, "is absolutely legitimate and lawful under the constitution of the Republic of Cyprus, is adopted out of necessity and with regret, but given that I have not committed any crime, I am obliged to abide by it." this attitude, in order to protect my legal rights in the best and appropriate way ".

The former Speaker of Parliament referred to the video broadcast by the Al Jazeera television channel, talking about "illegal videotaping and showing of the edited film by Al Jazeera".

He said that on November 4, he submitted a relevant complaint to the Police, to note that to date he has not received any information regarding the Police investigations, regarding the said complaint.

He also stated that for his videotaping by the Al Jazeera channel, he was summoned by the Police for an investigative testimony and, following the advice of his lawyer, exercised his constitutional right of silence under Article 12 of the Constitution.

"Unfortunately, as I have no information about the progress of the police investigation in this matter, I am once again obliged to exercise before you today my constitutional right to remain silent, again on the advice of my lawyer." , said Mr. Syllouris.

He went on to say that all his parliamentary activities are recorded and are in the minutes and records of the House of Representatives, expressing the belief that the Research Committee can obtain them.

He asked the President to speed up the investigations and to convene the Board of Governors

In the statement he read before the Commission, Mr. Syllouris stated that after the publication of the leaked documents of the House of Representatives to Al Jazeera, he had sent a letter to the President of the Republic, dated August 31, 2020, which he had made public.

"As is clear from the dates, this letter was sent long before the video was illegally released by Al Jazeera," he said.

Regarding the content of the letter, he stated that, among other things, that he put himself at the disposal of the President to facilitate any possible investigation, while he suggested using the new regulations passed on July 31, 2020, as well as the existing legislation. , expedite the search for possible revocation of nationalities, where possible and required.

He also suggested to the President that he convene a meeting of the Party Leaders for a joint reflection on whether the Program should be continued or terminated and if the decision was to be terminated then the suggestions of the parties to improve the Program should be heard.

In addition, in his letter he stated that in case of termination of the Program his suggestion would be to suspend the KEP until there is a further improvement based on the suggestions of the meeting of Leaders.

In the event that the decision would be a continuation of the Program, it was suggested through the same letter the planning and undertaking of an organized information initiative to deal with any bona fide or bad faith critics, for a program that has contributed a lot to the local economy.

"The right of silence for suspects and accused is well-founded and based on the law", says M. Nikolatos

For his part, the Chairman of the Commission, Myron Nikolatos, said that "the right to silence, for suspects and accused, is well-founded and based on the law", noting, however, that the Commission of Inquiry is not a Court.

He informed Mr. Syllouris that all questions would be asked of him and that he would have the right not to answer.

Among the questions asked to the former Speaker of Parliament by Mr. Nikolatos was whether he was authorized by the President to appear as his Advisor for investments abroad, if he participated in a session and in what capacity, if he went as a guest and who covered the expenses.

In addition, he was asked if he or a member of his family had a relationship with contractors, if he had ever been in a private meeting with a foreign investor or businessman to discuss his application and help him register, if he had obtained both and another member of his family financial or other benefit from the KEP, as well as if he has exerted pressure from his position, to promote the exceptional naturalization of an investor.

In addition, Mr. Nikolatos asked if there was cooperation between him and another member of the state for exceptional naturalization, if from his position it was legitimate to participate in exceptional naturalization and what was his relationship with Cyprus Kyprianou, the whose name he mentions in the video and what his involvement in the KEP is.

Finally, he was asked if he has communicated with other Speakers of Parliaments in the past and with whom, since in the video he seems to be committed that if the work was not done in Cyprus he would communicate with other Speakers of Parliaments.

It is noted that Dimitris Syllouris did not answer any of the questions of the Chairman of the Research Committee, exercising his constitutional right to silence, as he had initially stated.

Source: KYPE