Publication of the research result for naturalizations - See the original

Publication of the research finding for naturalizations - See the original

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The General Prosecutor of the Republic, Mr. George Savvidis, published today the Report of the President and the Members of the Research Committee, which was set up to investigate the exceptional naturalizations of foreign investors and businessmen from 2007 until August 17, 2020.

The text of the Report is attached here.

The published Report deletes data for the purposes of complying with the law and for the protection of the public interest, as agreed with the Research Committee. In particular, those data which cannot be made public are deleted:

  1. for the purposes of complying with European and national law on the protection of personal data,
  2. for the purpose of protecting ongoing or possible criminal investigations and the rights of potentially accused persons, and
  3. for the purpose of safeguarding the proceedings on the basis of the reasoned opinion issued by the European Commission against the Republic of Cyprus.

Based on the above, the publication of the Report as such by the Attorney General would be illegal.

It is reiterated that the protection of the public interest does not imply the unconditional disclosure of information, as the disclosure of information carries the risk of affecting investigations and destruction of evidence, as well as prevents the rendering of responsibilities by the Courts, since the punishment of the guilty is required.

The extent of the deletion of personal data was done in consultation and agreement with the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection.

Regarding the management of the Report by the Legal Service, it is evaluated by the Chief Prosecutor and legal officers of the Criminal Division, in order to promptly forward it to the Police for the initiation of criminal investigations and investigative work. At the same time, further actions are evaluated in relation to other aspects of the Report and suggestions of the Research Committee.