El Diablo: The man who invaded RIK was accused of a series of crimes - "I was boiling in my soul"

"Even now I disagree with the song and think that this choice and the general reference to Satan in songs that affect young people is wrong"

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A citizen stormed the premises of the Cyprus Radio Foundation today, protesting with shouts against the song that was chosen to represent Cyprus in this year's Eurovision contest entitled `El diablo` (The Devil).

According to KYPE, police were called and the citizen was called to a police station for deposition. Deposits were also received from RIK employees.

Police are investigating a case of public insult, threat, causing concern in a public place and illegal entry into property.

The citizen was charged in writing for the above offenses.

Speaking to "Politis" a few hours after the incident, he stated the following:

"I was boiling my soul when I called RIK today," the person who threatened to burn the building with the facilities of the Cyprus Radio Foundation and is the administrator of the "Anonymous" Facebook page told "Politis".

"I was in a state of shock," he told "Politis" "and angry with the lyrics of the song that will represent Cyprus at Eurovision". "The reference to Satan," he said, "provoked feelings of anger and so I reacted with a boiling soul and said something for which I apologize."

"It is not and would not be", as he said, "to burn RIK and I do not consider the way I reacted right and I apologize if I have caused upset to the employees of the Cyprus Radio Foundation and other fellow citizens."

"Even now," he argued, "I disagree with the song and consider it wrong to make that choice and generally refer to Satan in songs that affect young people."

"Nevertheless," he concluded, "I do not believe in violent reactions and I want to apologize for the extreme way I reacted today and reassure my fellow citizens that I will not carry out my threats. "There are other democratic and peaceful ways of reacting and expressing a disagreement."