The parents of the 3-year-old who needs to be operated on abroad were vaccinated

They were not allowed to go to a specialist medical center in Germany because they were not vaccinated

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The parents of the three-year-old child who needs immediate surgery abroad were vaccinated, but the fact that his parents were previously unvaccinated did not allow them to go to a specialized medical center in Germany.

The child who suffers from severe heart disease and is hospitalized in Makareio Hospital, after efforts and relevant arrangements by the competent Ministry, would be served yesterday Thursday with air bubbles, however, later the Medical Center informed that he would not accept the child, because his parents are unvaccinated. The child went for surgery at this medical center and in the recent past, however due to the measures that exist in Germany, this time such a thing was not possible.

The little boy who is being treated at Makareio Hospital is in stable condition, however, as the Director of the Pediatric Clinic of Makareio stated yesterday in KYPE, the child should be operated on immediately.

However, it remains unknown whether even now with the vaccination of the parents will be allowed to be transported to Germany since they have put only the first dose.