Morphou returned with the coronoid and the coronary (VIDEO)

Morphou returned with the coronoid and ... the coronary (VIDEO)

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Despite the fact that the Metropolitan of Morphou pledged before the Holy Synod not to take a public position on the issues of the coronavirus pandemic, he nevertheless does not seem to keep his promise, after again in front of a confidant he described an incident in which a woman who fell ill with .

The Metropolitan of Morphou Neophytos, in the context of the sequence of the prayer of the Monk Eumenios, described an incident as confessed by a woman when he attended the wedding of the son of the doctor Elpidoforos Sotiriadis.

"The other day I was at the wedding of the son of the excellent doctor Elpidoforos and in the end, as is my fate lately, they put me in a chair and I sat down and everyone passed by and got a wish. I told them that I became a popular pilgrimage. A beautiful girl comes in modern, well-dressed and tells me very soberly, I was also a patient like you, not with coronoidin but with coronary artery. "I was in danger of dying," he says, "and do you know who did me good?" I, the clever one, thought that in order to be at the wedding of the son of Elpidoforos. I call her Elpidoforos, the elder Eumenios tells me no. He introduced himself to me and told my daughter not to worry. I will take over and you will be fine. Saint Nikiforos sent me. "We have a lot like this in the last days," the Metropolitan said in his speech, among other things.

Watch the excerpt at 26:14 of the video:

Source: Philenews