PTD for Morphou: "He may have been ill and alive, but others left him orphaned"

6122C389 8D92 4CA1 9B2C 58AFEA5C583D Metropolitan of Morphou, Nikos Anastasiadis

The President of the Republic commented on the course of the pandemic in Cyprus, the new "Mu" mutation and the attitudes of the Metropolitan of Morphou, in an interview given to OMEGA.

Speaking about the "Mu" mutation, he spoke of a worrying situation, noting that the biggest concern is that there will be no new mutation that the vaccines will not be able to cover.

"My request to every citizen is to finally take their responsibilities and I am glad because the vast majority have been vaccinated, some may have had reservations, concerns, phobias, but they were genuine for this and have been overcome," he said.

Speaking about the attitudes of the Metropolitan of Morphou, Mr. Anastasiadis stated that it is unthinkable to behave in this way and that what is projected becomes dangerous for the citizens.

"The Metropolitan of Morphou may have been ill and alive, but some other Christians, not only did not succeed, they left behind orphans, misery and this should have concerned him," he said characteristically.

He even stressed that he will raise the issue before the Holy Synod next Thursday.

Source: Sigmalive