Pitsillidis for Morphou: "Who is the one that the Virgin listens to in every pellara?" (VIDEO)

Pitsillidis for Morphou: "Who is the one that the Virgin listens to in every pellara?" (VIDEO)

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Theologian Andreas Pitsillidis opened fire against the Metropolitan of Morphou on the occasion of the unjust - as he characterized it - attack on the Metropolitan of Tamassos and Orini Isaia.

Speaking on the show Protoselido, Mr. Pitsillidis said that "it is surprising that a holy hierarch like the Metropolitan of Morphou is irritated by the attitude of a colleague, a synodal brother who was measured".

Commenting on the reports of the Metropolitan of Morphou about his conversation with the Virgin Mary in order to get sick with "coronavirus", he said that the Metropolitan "puts in the mouth of God and the Holy Spirit things that are not applied and do not find their answer. He was the only one who disagreed with the Holy Synod and did not co-sign the public announcement about the pandemic ".

He added that, "in one of his false prophecies he said in the Temple that the pandemic would end in May, did you see it end? These are all on the internet I do not slander anyone. "His case needs study and of course psychiatry", said Andreas Pitsillidis.

"Can he say what a nice disease? "For this disease that has deprived us Metropolitans, priests, brothers and relatives who were lost helpless?", The theologian asked.

Finally, regarding the intellect of the Metropolitan from a coronavirus, Andreas Pitsillidis left tips, even expressing the question as to "what is the proof that it is not Fake News that he has indeed contracted a coronavirus?"

And who is the Metropolitan of Morphou that the Virgin listens to in whatever pellara asks her? If the Virgin listens to him, let him ask us to return to Morphou. Let's see freedom in this place. To return to his seat and leave the diseases and darkness for him out of here. "God is love", concluded Mr. Pitsillidis.

Source: Sigmalive