A theological answer to Morphou: "It has reached the limits of some exaggeration" (VIDEO)

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The President of the Theological School of the University of Cyprus, Christos Oikonomou, speaking on the Front Page, stated that "theology not only does not oppose medicine, but also supports and encourages, because we Christians say that Christ is a doctor of souls and bodies and he was the first to teach and give the people the cure for many diseases ".

He added that based on the above "any offer of science to man is welcome".

He noted that there should be a scientific approach to the issue, "and not a sidewalk dialogue, which has no seriousness or level".

Regarding the decision of the Holy Synod, he noted that "I am neither in favor of punishments, nor in favor of the deification of people who go beyond the limits of theology. "Saint Morphou is my favorite, so as not to leave meteoric things, but I think he has reached the limits of some exaggeration".

Source: Sigmalive