Attorney General: I was surprised to hear Prodromou's statements

b savidis 13 ADVOCATE GENERAL, Prodromou

The Attorney General George Savvidis was surprised, regarding the statements of the Minister of Education who actually threw the ball to the Legal Service for the prosecution of the teacher - artist George Gabriel.

The Prosecutor also expressed surprise for the statements of EDY.

"I will simply say that the initiation or jurisdiction to initiate disciplinary action under the law is the responsibility of the competent authority," the prosecutor said. This covers both the stage of ordering disciplinary investigation and the stage of disciplinary registration as well as the stage of revocation, he added.

The Legal Service is the lawyer of the executive power, explained Mr. Savvidis. The political decision of any action related to any disciplinary procedure at any stage is a decision of the client, of the Ministry. We evaluated the disciplinary evidence made by the Ministry of Education and simply put some facts in a legal framework.

"We do not make political decisions to initiate or suspend any disciplinary proceedings. So that people understand what I mean. An act or an action, formally and strictly within the framework of regulations, may fall under disciplinary responsibilities or others. This does not mean that this leads to litigation. It is at the discretion of the competent body to decide whether to initiate or withdraw any proceedings. "

"The issue of criminal liability is ours," the Prosecutor clarified. The issue of disciplinary responsibilities is a matter for the Ministry of Education, which has chosen to conduct disciplinary proceedings. He asked for a legal opinion and received it from us ", he continued.

He concluded by saying that he rejects the position of shifting responsibilities from the Ministry of Education to the Legal Service.

The Prosecutor made statements in Parliament where he attended the Legal Committee where the Justice Reform was discussed

Source: Sigmalive