Herodotus: The policeman of the snow and the most difficult incident in Troodos

There are many accidents due to frost, especially on weekends, when there is a crowd

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Crowds have been observed in recent days in the Troodos region due to the special weather conditions that have occurred recently.

Speaking to SigmaLive, the Troodos Chief, Herodotus Panagidis, referred to his life in Troodos, the adverse conditions he is called to face but also what was the most difficult incident he had to face.

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Initially, when asked about his duties, he stated that he is in charge of the Troodos Police Station, with his duties being the same as any other station, ie case investigation, traffic accidents, traffic regulation when there is a peak and others. many.

He then stated that he comes and goes every day since his permanent residence is in Limassol. "I come and go in Troodos every day, but if necessary I will spend the night one day", Mr. Panagidis explained.

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Most of the incidents reported to be due to the peak observed during the snowfall.

In particular, he explained that there are many accidents due to frost, especially on weekends, when there is a crowd.

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He also mentioned that when the weather is good there are many injuries from people who choose to hike on nature trails.

"Currently Troodos is flooded by people who come to admire the area and by people who ski, while during the summer by people who choose to camp in the Troodos area", explained Mr. Panagidis.

Asked which season he prefers more, he said that in the summer the situation is more manageable because there are fewer people and so there is more parking available. "There is traffic in the summer months but certainly not to such an extent as it is in the winter."

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Asked what was the worst incident he was called upon to face as Chief Troodos, he replied that it was the case with the scouts who went missing while climbing in Troodos.

The incident occurred when 17 scouts and 4 team leaders started from Troodos to walk to Kakopetria but lost their bearings.