"Bell" 8.000 euros on a property, because he did not check safe pass - All information

What does the announcement of the Police say

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The Police proceeded to 31 complaints of citizens and 6 owners of premises as part of the controls for the implementation of the measures against the spread of the coronavirus.

As a representative of the Police stated to KYPE, during the last 24 hours that ended at 6:00 this morning, the Force carried out a total of 3.413 checks throughout free Cyprus.

In Nicosia 1.159 inspections were carried out and 2 complaints of citizens and 1 estate were made, in Limassol 255 inspections were carried out with 16 complaints of citizens and 3 properties, in Larnaca 721 inspections were made with 2 complaints of citizens and one estate, in Paphos 5 citizens and one estate were reported 138 inspections, in Famagusta 6 citizens were reported out of 828 inspections, while in the Morfos area 188 inspections were carried out without any complaints.

Also, the Traffic Department and the Port and Maritime Police carried out 191 and 133 checks respectively, without any complaints.

In relation to the premises that were reported, among others, in Nicosia a fine of 8 thousand euros was imposed, because the safe pass was not checked, while in Limassol three premises were reported with a fine of 500 euros each, because employees and customers did not have a safe pass.

In Larnaca, a fine of 4 thousand euros was imposed on a supermarket for not using a mask by the person in charge.