He locked a operated patient in a small room at the General Hospital of Nicosia for hours

Nurse locked surgery patient in small room for over 6 hours

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A nurse locked a operated patient in a small room for over 6 hours. According to what the patient's wife complains, her husband underwent surgery last Monday at Nicosia General Hospital.

The next day, while the patient was in the ward where he was being treated, the nurse informed him that the doctor had requested a blood transfusion.

During the transfusion, the blood flowed from the hand, as a result of which the bed was stained. As soon as the nurse became aware of the incident, he removed the blood and serum from the patient and began to move him out of the ward. The patient asked him where are you taking me and he told him to the intensive care unit.

The patient's wife claims that the nurse locked her husband in a small room and not in the intensive care unit as he claimed and left him there from 23:30 p.m. until 6 a.m., an hour before his shift change.

Speaking to SigmaLive, the press representative of the OKYpY, Charalambos Harilaou, told us that "an investigation into the incident was ordered immediately, which was completed on the evening of Thursday 7/12 and will be submitted today Friday to the Organization's office. In the event that issues arise, disciplinary action will be taken."

In addition, he informed us that "an official complaint has already been made to the police for abuse of a patient by a member of the nursing staff and the first statements have been received".

Charalambos Harilaou stated that "the organization will not show any tolerance for such incidents".

The nurse in question has been removed from his duties since the first moment. The patient is still being treated at Nicosia General Hospital.

Source: Sigmalive