Metropolitan of Morphou: Coronavirus is the result of sin (video)

as a result of sin, Corona Virus, Metropolitan of Morphou

The result of sin and wickedness is the coronavirus, according to the Metropolitan of Morphou, Neophytos.

The Metropolitan in his speech at the Church of Agios Apostolos Andreas in the community of Nikitari, last Sunday, said that people need to give a testimony, such as an illness. "Scientists can not find the antidote and will find it very difficult to find it because this disease is the result of sin and evil of the great powers among themselves, but also our own unrepentant sin and evil."

He added that if two years pass tomorrow to find the antidote and it goes all over the world, which apparently will happen, "there will be no drugs. "Doctors and nurses will be in the most dangerous vanguard to get stuck."

He also wondered if they would do their duty, as several other Saints did, or if they would be afraid.

"Will we give our dying brother a glass of water, or will we think of isolating them and abandoning them, as is the case in China?"

"Here is what it means to be a Christian. Ready to die for both his God and his brother. And if he dies for his homeland, he becomes a hero. If he dies for Christ and his neighbor he becomes a Saint. "The neighbor is superior to his homeland," he said.

Source: philenews