Five City Halls received the threatening email- "Incidents increased" (vid)

The complaint was initially made by City Hall

accidente ecuador 2 82 Town Halls, Complaint, Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health and five City Halls received threatening emails yesterday (15/12).

Police Spokesman Christos Andreou spoke about the incident on the front page, stating that the complaint was initially made by City Hall.

He added that the email contained threats against pandemic decision makers, as well as insults.

Mr. Andreou stated that members of TAE Nicosia and Cybercrime immediately went to the City Hall to receive the data from the computers. "Later it was found that four other City Halls in different cities received the same threatening message, as did the Ministry of Health.

The Police Spokesperson added that those who receive threatening messages and insults should file a complaint with the Police. "In similar cases, we identified the senders of the emails and proceeded with criminal proceedings."

Catalytically stated that recently there have been several complaints which have been forwarded to the Court.

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