At the Ministry of Defense mentally ill, at the CMO with a Health Card - The legislation for the fugitives is changing

The windows of the current legislation that are exploited by athletes-fugitives are closing

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With a bill submitted by the Ministry of Defense, last Thursday, in the Parliament for voting, the windows of the current legislation are closed, which are exploited by athletes-fugitives, who, while registered in the records of the military offices as mentally ill, are at the same time healthy. allowing them to compete in official events.
With the passage of this bill, they will be deprived of the health card they have in their possession. In fact, the law is provided for retroactive effect from 2019, when the specific measure against the fugitive army came into force, which explicitly prohibits the issuance of a health card to fugitive athletes.
However, loopholes were found in the law in question that allow fugitive athletes to have a health card. The loopholes of the law were ascertained by the Ministry of Defense when it put under its microscope specific cases of athletes, who, initially enlisted in the EF and after serving one to two months until their health card was issued by the COM, then referred to mental illness. thus ensuring suspension or even exemption (j5) from the obligation to perform military service.
For these cases, the current legislation does not provide for any regulation, with the result that the following paradoxical and unprecedented is observed: At the Ministry of Defense these athletes are declared mentally ill, while at the COM they say that they enjoy extreme health.