Tatar: "We will start a dialogue with the Greek Cypriot government in the context of the continuation of a pseudo-state"

Tatar: "Guarantees will continue to exist"

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"The TRNC will continue to exist, the guarantees will continue to exist, we will start a dialogue in this context with the Greek Cypriots," said the new leader of the Turkish Cypriots, Ersin Tatar, in an interview with TVNET, which publishes The front page of the pro-government newspaper Yeni κafak under the headline "I am proud to be the man of Turkey, I demolished a castle". He stated that he will meet with President Anastasiadis after taking office.

In an interview, Ersin Tatar said he would move through consultations with Turkey. "Our relations with Turkey will continue in order to protect the interests of Turkey. The guarantees will continue. The tdbk will exist. It will definitely be a state that will continue to exist. From now on, in order to protect the interests of our people, we are starting a dialogue in this context with E / k ".

The new Turkish leader said that two states support each other. "The federation is a complete trap. Under this trap, Turkey would leave here and the majority would swallow the minority like a pill. There are many more of us. Their economy is in good condition, everyone supports them financially. We stand only with the support of Turkey. "We got here with Turkey and we will continue with them," he said.

Ersin Tatar said that the Greek Cypriot leader - referring to the President of the Republic of Cyprus - Nikos Anastasiadis asked to meet with him. "I can meet him. Because you will discuss the world order, you will say your views. I told them to take office first and then we will meet ".

He said he had never had the same political thought as Mustafa Akinci. "Akinci supports more cooperation with the Greek Cypriots. "We also have rights," he said.

He argued that for a happier future they should strengthen their ties with Turkey. "This is important for our security and this will be done with the support of Turkey. My only goal is for the Turkish Cypriots to live in greater prosperity and security. That is why we want support from Turkey when the time comes. All these are my vision, my thoughts. I have conveyed to the whole world that in the negotiations we will work with Turkey in unity. "We are at the table with our heads standing and I said these openly to my people, taking their vote," he said.

Ersin Tatar added that they gave many dead, Turkey made great sacrifices. "From now on in this era we will not retreat from here, our duty to our ancestors is to protect in the best way our national pride. We do not forget the support of Turkey, we will fight as much as we can to make the TRNC stronger. "Turkey's support is very important and we will not forget its support and love."

The new leader of the Turkish Cypriots reminded that the opposition says that "he is the man of Turkey". My answer to them is that "I am proud to be the man of Turkey. I am a child of a Turk, I am a Turk. Ultimately, Turkey's interests in the region strengthen the TRNC. We got here with the support of Turkey. "And it will continue from now on," he said.

Ersin Tatar also said that "what is happening in the Eastern Mediterranean is of interest to both Turkey and Cyprus. "It is very important to protect the just interests in the Eastern Mediterranean by further strengthening the interests of the Turkish Republic." "I will do everything I can to strengthen our relations with Turkey. "I especially thank President Erdogan, Vice President Fuat Oktay and the members of the Turkish government and the Turkish people," he said.

Asked how he felt when he learned he had won the election, Ersin Tatar said: "I felt very happy. I demolished a castle. Mr. Akinci has been mayor for 20 years, in politics. He reached the age of 75 and was also president. Of course there are some forces behind it, everyone knows it. We also fought against these forces and we won ".

Ersin Tatar also said that "we have made great concessions with the Annan plan. Just to get along with the international community we said 'yes'. Unfortunately they said 'no'. "Even though they said 'no', they joined the EU. Because these lands, these riches, the Eastern Mediterranean are very valuable."

Ersin Tatar said that Turkey has built a very beautiful hospital in Cyprus. "I wish Mr. Tagip would come and do the inauguration together. We had a very serious problem with the water cut with Turkey, we connected it again. And this is a big project "he concluded.

Source: Sigmalive