Thessaloniki: Handcuffs in Cyprus for vehicle sales fraud

Xeiropedes to a 50-year-old Cypriot who appeared as a company manager

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A 170.000-year-old Cypriot, who was arrested in Evosmos, Thessaloniki, in execution of a European warrant issued by the German authorities, is accused of committing fraud through online car sales, from which he obtained more than 50 euros.

According to the warrant, the 50-year-old posed as a director of a company active in the delivery of passenger cars and in that capacity defrauded prospective buyers under the pretense of delivering vehicles for sale on online vehicle trading platforms. He allegedly collected the money corresponding to the purchase of the cars, but without handing them over.
His alleged criminal activity took place in September 2020 in Berlin.

His detection and arrest was preceded by cooperation between the police services of Germany and Greece.

The wanted person is being taken to the Appeals Prosecutor's Office of Thessaloniki in order to launch the procedures related to his extradition to Germany.

Source: RES-EAP