Tragedy in the National Guard: There were problems and damage to the rope

The fatal rope was transported 42 days after the tragedy for specialized microscopic examinations.

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Eight months after the tragedy in the ranks of Ethniki and the untimely death of the 32-year-old captain, Xanthos Kyriakos, which occurred on the morning of Tuesday, May 25, 2021, during a planned military exercise in Trooditissa, the Authorities are expected to have the report in their hands. of the expert who examined the fatal rope and substantiated scientific position on his condition.

The investigator of the case is expected to go to the University of Patras in early February to receive the expert report himself as well as the most important item, the fatal rope, which was transported 42 days after the tragedy for specialized microscopic examinations.

Information from "F" states that from the specialized examinations of the expert of the University of Patras with knowledge and experience in the specific issues, important findings emerge regarding the suitability of the rope. In particular, it is scientifically proven that the fatal rope brought some problems as well as obvious signs of wear. In fact, damages were found on the rope that seem to have preceded the fatal accident.

We remind you that the investigators of the case made this move, wanting to be fully aware of the origin and suitability of the rope. In particular, they asked a specialist to give them answers if the rope was suitable to be used for shooting at the place where it was placed, if it suffered damage due to aging, as well as its degree of durability. They also asked to be fully aware of its origin.

Upon receipt of the expert report and evidence, such as the rope, the case file is expected to be completed and forwarded to the Legal Service for instructions and further steps. Also, after receiving the report, the Police will hand it over to the senior officer of the GEEF, who was appointed as an investigator to complete his investigation by the Ministry of Defense.

As for the police investigations, they have been completed months ago. As "F" wrote in an earlier post, the tragedy file includes more than 75 testimonies from all those involved. In fact, what emerges from the military testimonies is that the prescribed protocols of military exercises were not observed. The fatal rope caused damage at two other points above the point where it was cut.

The 32-year-old Xanthou was the first of the trainees to attempt a descent from a point near the road. He started the descent with the help of the rope, but the rope was cut in half and the captain fell from a height of forty meters hitting rocks.