Morphou breaks out for El Diablo: "The demon revealed his plans to me" (VIDEO)

The Metropolitan of Morphou took a position for the selection of Cyprus in Eurovision.

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Morfou Neophytos in his sermon last Sunday at the Church of Agios Mamantos in Xyliatos expressed, among other things, his strong reaction to the song. It is recalled that the song in question provoked reactions from organized ensembles demanding the cancellation of its mission due to the fact that it refers to the devil.

"They want to do the irregularities, smoothly. To make them a law. First Brussels and then our fosters in Parliament. And then to teach our children in schools. In other words, you tell a child you know; at the age of 14 you will become Chrystalla at the age of 15 by Christodoulos ", said the Metropolitan.

"This is the law that atheist Europe has passed on to us. And he tells you, the present will not like it, but the new generation will come to accept these little by little.
We will be vaccinated. They think so. God's Plan is different. God loves all nations, all ages. It awaits us all ... even the most sinful to become saints. "Let the most abnormal ones become normal", he said, among other things.

"It simply came to our notice then. Demonic forces. They want to subdue us as well. To present us with the demon as something good. They even sang now. Which island and which country will send a song to Eurovision, not for Christ, not for the ancient Greek culture, not for the love of Aphrodite ... not to fall in love with the demon, he says. To give our heart to the demon. And the RIK promoters appointed by the Government, chose it to represent who? The Island of the Saints. Listen listen. And some say I do not care about everything. To not pay attention to the bills, to the decay of history, not to pay attention, to close the churches due to an epidemic, to remain unannounced at Christmas and Easter and otherwise, when Easter will be, to send a song praising the devil, "he said.

The Metropolitan, among other things, noted that he did not intend to make the relevant sermon. "Not because I was afraid of fines. Let others say a few .. but because I am afraid of the silence of the last years, I said to say these few because the demon himself revealed his plans to me. The demon you know is not smart .. he is lame and cunning. "The man of faith, when he is humbled and takes refuge in the faith of the Saints, the devil is revealed before him," he said.

Source: Sigmalive