Non-commissioned officer of the Armed Forces received 762 days of sick leave in 3 years

She received extensive sick leave, mainly after being appointed, from Volunteer NCO, to Permanent NCO with the rank of Sergeant

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The Audit Office found that the National Guard NCO received 762 days of sick leave within three years while investigating her involvement in a charity.

The Special Report released today by the Audit Office (link is external) for the Ministry of Defense states that a National Guard NCO received 762 days of sick leave over a period of three years.

According to the Report, in the context of the investigation of a complaint, it became clear that a Non-Commissioned Officer of the Armed Forces was receiving extensive sick leave, mainly after being appointed by a Volunteer Non-Commissioned Officer to a Permanent Non-Commissioned Officer with the rank of Sergeant.

In particular, on the basis of data kept by the GEEF, it was found that, within three years of its appointment, it had received a total of 762 days of sick leave.

The Audit Office notes that, at the end of its two-year probationary period, the GEEF repeatedly suggested to YPAM the termination of its appointment, however the Ministry proceeded to grant successive extensions of its probationary period, on the grounds of not completing the required period. test.

Indicatively, it is mentioned that, during the first six-month extension granted to her, the said Non-Commissioned Officer showed up at her Unit for only one day.

Administrator in a Charitable Association investigated by the Ministry of Interior

In addition to the above, the Audit Office, on the basis of evidence that showed the underling to present herself as an administrator in a specific charity, whose President is her husband, asked the GEEF to carry out its disciplinary control, provided that ensure the legal written approval of the Minister of Defense.

The GEEF carried out a relevant investigation, which, as it informed us, did not reveal any participation of the said Non-Commissioned Officer in the said Association, except for her voluntary activity in the coordination of the volunteers, therefore it did not result in any misconduct on her part. .

In this regard, it is stated that, as the Audit Service has been informed, the Ministry of Interior is investigating the activities of the specific Association.