Lawyer for Alkis's killers: "I will not defend these animals"

"They still have not found the killers, they have found a lawyer"

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The well-known criminologist, Charalambos Apostolidis, is obviously annoyed, as the information that he will defend the murderers of 19-year-old Alkis, who lost his life after a murderous attack against him, was falsely leaked.

"They still haven't found the killers, they have found a lawyer," he told Real Fm.

"I'm not going to defend these animals," he said. A young child will never see the sun again. "There is nothing worse for a parent than losing a child." In fact, in a post on social media, Charalambos Apostolidis warned with lawsuits anyone who "spreads again that I am a lawyer for the murderer of an innocent nineteen-year-old child."

Few groups ready to kill in ο neighboring street fights

The police are even aware of the new methods that the hooligans have developed, in order to cause an escalation of violence even where there is no sports match.

Authorities have long known that these marginalized groups are literally in the dark, closing death "appointments" and even places that have nothing to do with sports venues, while trying not to aim, "breaking" their numerous teams and cause episodes without even in "neighboring" street fights, without being easily detected.

Police have collected material on how people belonging to the organized fan movement act, although what the authorities point out is that these clashes are often so small that they are not even reported by the locals, so they stay. in obscurity.

SOURCE: edaily