The writer Angeliki Varella has passed away

The author of children's literature, Angeliki Varella, died at the age of 92

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The author of children's literature, Angeliki Varella, who was born in 92 in Thessaloniki, grew up in Athens and studied at the Philosophy School of the University of Athens, has died at the age of 1930.

She lived through the Second World War, which she herself describes in her book "With a smile on her face". Her first book was "Greece and us". Her book "Filenada, my hazel" has received a Janusz Korczack Award, while her book "Good Morning, Hope" has been honored with an award from the Greek Children's Book Circle.

He was a graduate of the History-Archaeology Department of the University of Athens. For the first time he dealt with children's books in 1966 and since then he has been present at all events (schools, parents' associations, municipalities, libraries, etc.) for children and children's books not only in Athens but throughout Greece. She has been awarded by the Women's Literary Society, the Greek Children's Book Circle and the Ministry of Education for the reading books she wrote for primary school children. Among her other books (published by Pataki, Psychogios and Metaichmio) are "Gelastos and Agelastos", "9 phone calls and a hare", "What are you doing, are you well", "Who is playing ball on our ceiling", "The little bike- sun" and "The little football player".