Well-known blogger fell victim to a brutal beating - The photos are shocking

What does she say to those who accuse her of being a photomontage product

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The savage beating of Stefania Tzaferi, a well-known food blogger in Crete.

The girl posted a photo, in which there are signs of abuse on her face with her right eye bruised and so swollen that it is almost closed.

"So to exist", she initially wrote in a Twitter post, without giving further details on how her horrific injury was caused.


Her post brought a lot of messages, with the food blogger giving more explanations:

"I fell. This is the official version. I said this officially, but they know what happened, they will be careful. I was very upset to do something more, until in front of a psychiatrist I talked to the police at the hospital they took him by car, they took me to EKAB.

In the whole situation, the examinations had to be done. I was offered to go to the medical examiner. I'm ashamed of it, but the only thing that mattered was my health. I have their phone, so if I want to review I can. I just take a breath and get some sleep. I feel safe. "I'm sorry I didn't have the strength to do anything else."

At the same time, however, there were users who did not share the support of others for Stefania, accusing her that the photo she has published is not true but a Photoshop product.



Facing the situation with humor, she published new photos that show the extent of the abuse she suffered, how her face was deformed as well as her being in the hospital.

However, Stefania and the thousands of users who followed her case were impressed by the hatred of a user who sent her a message telling her typically "well done", because the woman had taken a stand against the Golden Dawn.

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