In Sweden 456 (!) Female actors report sexual abuse by colleagues and employers

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The Minister of Culture of Sweden, Alice Ban Kunke called on the country's theater directors for critical consultations after publication of a letter signed by 456 female actors, in which they complain of harassment and even rapeÏ suffered by colleagues and their employers.

The letter, published in the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, is signed by some of Sweden's most famous film and theater stars, including Sophia Helin, Alexandra Rapartot, Helena Bergstrμm, Leah Boise and Lisa Boisen.

The letter details shocking allegations of misconduct ranging from rape to sexual abuse and harassment in the Swedish theater industry, without mentioning either the victims or the perpetrators.

"The whole crew and the actors stayed in the same hotel. While I was sitting at night, I heard the director and the actor impersonating my husband talking about who would come first to me, in my room. All night they tried to get into my room, both from the door and from the window. I asked a male actor, whom I did not know, to protect me. "I am grateful to him," said one of the 20 anonymous stories.
Other stories include sexual harassment, outbursts of anger, intimidation, threats and other incidents. "We will not remain silent anymore," the 456 signatories of the letter pledged.

"Those responsible should be held accountable and the judiciary should do its job when there is a reason for it."
The Swedish Minister of Culture has invited the directors of the Swedish National Theater Company, the Royal Drama Theater and the Royal Swedish Opera to a meeting.

"I was clear about how seriously the government is taking the issue. We are asking for a change, "he told Svenska Dagbladet after the meeting.

Asked how he reacted to the stories described in the letter, he said: "I'm shocked, disgusted, upset and outraged."

With the hashtag #metoo, millions of people around the world shared their own experiences of harassment, sexual abuse and rape, following allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of sexually assaulting women he worked with.

Sweden, one of the countries that has achieved absolute gender equality, is no exception.

Anna Shermer, managing director of the Swedish Film Institute, which finances film production, told Radio Sweden that she was shocked by some of the complaints, but was not surprised that the #MeToo campaign reached Sweden as well.

"What they faced simply by doing their job is unacceptable," he said.

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