Well-known Paralimnitis proposes: "Mayor not Paralimnitis" - Which two does he nominate for mayor of Paralimni-Deryneia

Well-known Paralimni is publicly placed for the new "Municipality of Paralimni - Deryneia" - "There are no more Paralimni, Deryneiotes, Vrysoulliotes or Frenarites. Now we are all residents of the Municipality of Paralimni - Deryneia"

photo 7 Andreas Pittatzis, Local Government Reform, Local Government

The well-known lawyer Andreas Pittatzis took a public position on the "hot" issue of the day, the reform of local government and the issue -specifically- of unions. The lawyer from Paralimni focused on the issue of merging Paralimni, Deryneia, Frenaros and Acheritos into "Municipality of Paralimni-Deryneia" and sent his own messages of unity which, in fact, were applauded by his followers on Social Media. At the same time, he did not hesitate to nominate two specific personalities for the position of the next mayor of the new formation.

As is his message:

"There are no more Paralimnites, Deryneiotes, Vrysoulliotes or Frenarites. Now we are all residents of the Municipality of Paralimni - Deryneia. Whether some people like it or not, it is a decision that we will be called upon to take in the future. If we do not all realize that we are on the same page and dealing with our neighborhoods, we will all lose.

We now have industrial areas with pan-Cypriot businesses, we have buildings that were used for town halls and community councils that we must use to develop the arts, culture and business. We have administrative services, we have projects that we must start to upgrade the entire Municipality. We are now the Urban Municipality of the Province of Famagusta. When the tourist comes to the beaches of Protaras, he must visit the restaurants of Frenaros, Vrysoullos, go to the shops of Deryneia, go to the strawberry festival and so on. Our tourism product is no longer a single theme. Every corner of this new Municipality, to radiate.

I do not want to raise my children with the divisions, localities, cliques and intrigues that some people cultivate, ostensibly preaching peculiarities. I want to live in a place where all the inhabitants of this new Municipality will enjoy the income of tourism. That will enjoy and claim increased funds of the respective Government and the European Union as a large and important Municipality with a stronger voice.

I wrote it in 2019: I wish and pray for the new Mayor NOT to be from Paralimni. Be from any other corner of this new Municipality, because only then will we care. so we will become a fist. Only in this way will we eliminate the cliques that separated us from those who for decades exploited us and ate over our trunk.

In this province we have many people who can inspire unity. Styling from the many I find 2 typical examples. Loukas Polykarpou, municipal councilor of Deryneia and Michalis Hatzigiorkas, community leader of Frenaros. They both proved that they do not see one-dimensionally, that they have color blindness in the party banners, negatives in the party idols, wandering for the future of this place. They clashed with parasites seeking isolation, with light-skinned people imagining the disappearance of their "neighborhood" and slugs sheltering in the party strongholds. We want such people as leaders of the new Municipality. Such I would vote for the position of Mayor of the new Municipality. "