Letter from a high school student from Paralimni: "We just ask for understanding - Reduce our material"

Letter of despair from a high school student from Paralimni, Fevronia, Thomas to the Ministry of Education for the subject matter

panelladikespaideia Pancyprian, Education

Thomas of Febronia *

They are unacceptable. Matter changes in the middle of the year, we are not students but guinea pigs, no one cares, especially the Ministry which is so unfair to us!

How can the structure of English writing change completely during the school year without preparing us and waiting for us to cope without considering if we can, choose courses in the 1st Lyceum with a different form of examination and we reach 3rd high school and change it a few months before the pre-entrance exams!

In an examination that will judge our future. Just unacceptable. The matter of physics? First to reduce it and then to tell us "typographical error". They play with our psychology. The subject of matter? How is it possible that matter has not diminished? How in an incomplete year, with our psychological situation worse than ever, does the Ministry of Education, the Ministry that should support and help us, not understand the difficulties we are going through and not facilitate us? How can I, a student, in a few months at such a fast pace, without the luxury of repetition, understand a complete subject, to cope with the pre-entrance exams that - I repeat - will judge our future without anyone facilitating us? Students are not machines. No I do not have more time to read because I am at home, no I am not lucky because I am not distracted by cafes, walks etc. Our psychology is at the bottom, we have lost our best teenage years, we have lost our second and third year of High School , and no we are not asking for them to be returned to us, we are not irrational or advantageous but we are asking for your understanding. Reduce our material. Do not change the structure of our exams now in the middle of a pandemic, in the middle of a school year and without even the appropriate preparation. We do not ask for much, but simple understanding.

* Febronia Thomas, student of the XNUMXrd Lyceum of Paralimni