TEBE Famagusta: "To reduce teleworking to 50%" - Letter to PD

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TEVEA states in an announcement that it has sent a letter to the President of the Republic on the issue of mandatory teleworking in the Services Sector based on the new measures against the spread of the coronavirus.

Specifically, as stated in the announcement, according to the decree of the Minister of Health dated January 8, 2021, mandatory teleworking is set at 85% with a maximum of 20 people with a physical presence in each professional establishment. This period, it is reported, for the Services sector but also for companies in general is a period of increased workload due to the submission for audit of the financial statements of the year 2020. It is also noted that many companies do not have the necessary equipment for teleworking resulting in in some cases teleworking becomes virtually impossible.

In addition, it is necessary, says the announcement, the staffing of insurance companies as issues of security of personnel and goods arise for companies that continue their normal operation and are an integral part of the supply chain of our country.

For these reasons, TEVEA, according to the announcement, has requested that the percentage of mandatory teleworking in the Services sector be reduced to 50%, without a maximum number of people so that the sector can function satisfactorily until the end of the restrictive measures.