Mammoth Traffic Accident with Porsche: They Wanted 1,5 Million Compensation from Mr Jumbo

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It has been 9 months since the car accident with Porsche at the Athens-Lamia National Road, but the coming weeks seem to bring developments as the side of the Patianoglou family has filed a lawsuit and is claiming compensation of 1,5 million euros.

At the same time, last week the case file left the Traffic Police and was sent to the Prosecutor's Office of Thebes in order to determine whether third parties other than the 24-year-old driver Giorgos Vakakis, who lost his life together with his co-driver Anorgos Gego, are criminally liable. If it turns out that there is no other person involved, the case will go to file.

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Both the parents of the 24-year-old co-driver Andreas Georgakopoulos and Ypatios Patianoglou, who lost his wife and their child in the accident, are determined to find the truth in order to hold those responsible for the car accident in Porsche. According to the newspaper "THEMA", at the beginning of November, he filed a lawsuit in the Single-Member Court of First Instance of Athens against the owner of the vehicle, the heirs of the deceased driver and the insurance company.

The financial compensation refers to the mental suffering of the relatives of Apostolia and little Paul, to the damages caused to the car but also to the personal belongings that were inside. "Monetary claims are the usual ones that arise in these cases and reach 1,5 million euros," a person from the family environment told "THEMA".

The lawsuit will be heard on February 20, but as is the case in civil courts, the trial may change as a stay of proceedings may be sought.

However, the family of the unfortunate co-driver also appointed experts and assigned a lawyer to handle the case. He is called to investigate from the condition of the road to the point and the way of construction of the toilets, but also the condition of the Porsche or the possible mistakes of the young driver. So far it has not been leaked whether the parents of the co-driver are considering filing a lawsuit like Ypatios Patianoglou or whether they will only move to a criminal level.

When on February 26, 2017, on Carnival Sunday, the black Porsche of Apostolos Vakakis's son fell uncontrollably in the parking lot of the highway and was nailed to the Honda Civic of the Patianoglou family, sending four people to their deaths, including a baby boy Traffic police knew that the case would take time and the outcome would be decided in court.

After all, as is the case in these cases, the families of the victims go to court to seek those responsible, while the compensations of the insurance companies are large.

In this case, three families are involved: the 24-year-old driver George Vakakis, the co-driver and friend of Andreas Georgakopoulos and the unfortunate Ypatios Patianoglou.

After the first difficult weeks, according to the information from the Police, each side appointed experts and lawyers to handle the case. The Georgakopoulos family, as everything shows, will leave nothing to chance and without shedding much light on the story that took their child away. Behind the spotlight and without provoking, he expertly appointed Epeinondas Bouras, an experienced technical advisor who has handled major cases and compiled on behalf of the Hellenic Traffic Police the report on the well-known song of the famous singer.

At the same time, he instructed a lawyer who, according to information, is also a relative of the family, to initiate all the prescribed legal procedures. As they say, all the parameters that led to the death of their child will be investigated: the condition of the road at the specific point, the construction of the parking lot and the toilets and of course the responsibilities of the fatal driver and the condition of the specific vehicle.

Experts and lawyers have been appointed by the Vakakis family in order to see what ultimately went wrong and the driver lost control of the car. Absolutely valid information states that the two experts appointed by the Thebes Prosecutor's Office completed the finding, forwarded it to the officers handling the case and drafted the case file, which they sent to the prosecutor.