Pispirigo creepy post: Keep my paradise cool Θε Children will come to play!

What he wrote three months after Malena's death

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The revelations about the thriller with the dead children from Patras are terrifying. A post by Roula Pispirigou's mother three months after the death of Malena, her first child, was brought to light by MEGA and the show "Smile and Again".

The post was made on July 3, 2019 and in it Roula Pispirigou who is accused of the death of 9-year-old Georgina.

- Mom, I'm scared

-Do not be afraid! I am here…

-Mom I can not breathe ..

-Take me in your arms, close your eyes and go on a journey where there is no pain ..

-God keep my paradise cool .. The children will come to play!

Nine days after Iris's death Roula Pispirigou proceeds to a new post and writes:

"My love is gone, it's gone, it left me alone in a corner. Happy month to all with health »