Greece: This is 29-year-old Xevrie who was beaten to death by her husband

The murder of a woman in Alexandroupolis is the 16th this year, something that has caused great sadness and anger

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The new murder of women in Alexandroupolis has caused sadness and anger in Greece. The victim is 29-year-old Xevrie Edinerli, who arrived at the General Hospital of Alexandroupolis with serious injuries on December 5 after she was beaten by her husband, while she ended up last night after having very serious injuries.

Note that a little earlier the perpetrator was located and arrested. According to the local website, the husband of the unfortunate young woman, who had previously worked for the Authorities, as he was a drug user, was located a few meters away from his home on Friday afternoon and taken to the Police Station. of Alexandroupolis.

When she arrived at the hospital, the doctors found that she had a ruptured spleen and liver, while later she was positive for the coronavirus, something she did not seem to know when she went to the hospital. That is why he was hospitalized in the ICU Covid. When her husband took her to the hospital, she falsely stated that she had fallen down a ladder.

The unfortunate woman, mother of three children, fought to stay alive, the doctors made superhuman efforts, but finally the 29-year-old ended up on Thursday night.

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Article center photo source: Alpha