Greece: Vaccine Websites Targeted by Cybercrime Prosecution


The publication of the website entitled "Indigenous Greek Indigenous" was the reason for the extensive investigations carried out by the Cybercrime Prosecution of Greece on websites and social media for people who incite citizens to non-compliance with measures against the coronavirus, risk to public health. The investigation started after an order of the Minister of Citizen Protection of the country, P. Theodorikakou.

The "Indigenous Greek Indigenous" is characterized by the police as an "Artemis Sorras type movement", whose members call for a withdrawal of representation, as they report, and urge citizens, their members and supporters to file lawsuits, based on a price list. who have posted with false legal advice, and ask for huge sums of 50.000 to 10 million euros, in case human rights and freedom are questioned in their view. In fact, participation is requested for 20 euros in case of group action.

Members of this Movement are said to be the parent in Thermi who asked for 2,7 million euros from the school principal as well as the physiotherapist from Crete who went to KAPI with her husband while he was on suspension.

Another website and some Facebook profiles with similar content have been identified, which essentially call for non-implementation of the measures for the coronavirus. Also, two channels were identified on You Tube where videos and corresponding content are published.

A similar phenomenon was observed last year when the issue of the mask was raised in schools. The corresponding investigation at that time resulted in the formation of 17 cases.

The conclusion of the Cybercrime Prosecution is expected to be transmitted today, Monday, to the prosecutor and it is expected that tomorrow, Tuesday, announcements will be made by the director of the Prosecution, Vassilis Papakostas.

Source: Ert