Greece: Hollywood stars' "Parade" for the shooting of a new movie

The "Expendables 4" in Thessaloniki

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A number of Hollywood stars are expected to be in Thessaloniki for the shooting of the new movie "Expendables 4".

"You will be impressed by the film sets and the infrastructure that will be created for the film, it is something that has never happened before in Greece," said the Regional Governor of Central Macedonia, Apostolos Tzitzikostas, who announced the start of filming on October 30 in Thessaloniki.

The shooting will last exactly 30 days, however, no scene shooting will take place in public places, but only in specially designed studios in Thermi and other controlled areas of Thessaloniki, because as Mr. Tzitzikostas stressed "our fellow citizens will not suffer as it may have been with the film with Antonio Banderas ".