Colonos: "I wish this monster hadn't appeared in front of me" says the 12-year-old about Michos in her letter

The 12-year-old shocks in her letter

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A cry of despair from the 12-year-old girl from Colonos, who broke his silence, through a letter, the content of which was read by his older sister in the auditorium of the School of Law of EKPA, during an event organized by the Solidarity Committee for the 12-year-old and her family.

And while the announcement of the court's decision for Miho is expected on Friday, March 29, the little girl apologizes for not talking about her nightmare from the beginning and expresses her sadness that she is away from her mother during this entire period of trial him and his family.

"I wish this monster had never appeared in front of me... My mom is innocent and I will keep saying it until everyone understands," she writes, among other things, in her letter.

In detail, the minor states in her letter:

"I am ... (12 years old) and I want to express my feelings to you one last time.

Listen to me please, listen to me. You were my salvation, the help I had been waiting for so long in the nightmare I was living. I trusted you, I talked to you... I waited for your help so that no other child goes through what I went through.

But my punishment is not over. My nightmares are still here. Not my mom.

I used to go to the square on my bike, like all the kids in the neighborhood. I wish this monster had never appeared before me. But he appeared. I apologize for not speaking from the beginning... I was too scared. But the time has come, my redemption has come, you have come.

I thought my nightmares were over and suddenly: Where's my mom? Why my mom? where are my brothers where is my family Why did you leave me alone?

It's my fault, it's my fault for not talking to you sooner. Not my mom. I want my nightmares to stop here. At Christmas they didn't even let me see my mom.

I want to tell you something Madam Prosecutor: was all the evidence you have in your hands all a joke? Is that what you want to tell me after all I've been through?

What I ask of the court and of the presiding judge and the judges and the jury is to believe that my mother knew nothing of all that I did, and not that I am half telling the truth and lying to my mother.

My mom is innocent and I'll keep saying that until everyone understands."