F-4 co-pilot found dead - Search for the pilot continues

Unfortunately, the crash of the F4 Phantom aircraft that crashed south of Andravida on Monday morning, while performing a training flight, had a tragic development

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According to the latest information, one of the two pilots of the fighter aircraft is dead, while there is still no information about the second pilot who is missing.

It is a captain and a lieutenant commander of the Air Force who were the two operators of the Phantom of the 338 Squadron, it is not yet known whose body has been located.

It is recalled that the F-4 belonged to the 338th Squadron of the 117th Fighter Wing and was performing a training flight.

Air and sea vehicles of both the Air Force and the Navy, as well as the Coast Guard, are participating in the investigations. In particular, the following participate: 2 AB-205 aircraft of the Air Force and 1 Navy S-70 aircraft of the Coast Guard. A C-130 aircraft is also on maximum alert.

Source: in.gr