Patra: They trusted a "negative" doctor and have been hospitalized for 15 days

What the family alleges - He urged them not to get vaccinated for the coronavirus by telling them that vaccines are... water - What the family alleges

Screenshot 2021 08 23 120039 doctor, Patras

They made the mistake of trusting their doctor, who due to an underlying disease urged them not to be vaccinated for the coronavirus, causing them to get stuck and need to be treated.

Of course, the specific underlying disease, according to the scientific community, not only does not constitute a cause of non-vaccination, but on the contrary, it is considered necessary to "shield" the people who suffer from it. The specific doctor who belongs to the health staff of a hospital in the area, according to the family complaints, is one of those who believe that the vaccines are… water, as he allegedly said, so after their adventure they are expected to move legally against him.

The complaint on behalf of a member of the well-known family of Aigio was conveyed through her personal account on the social networking page, Maria Xirou, stating: of. They have been hospitalized for 45 days.

It was not my nephew who did not want to get the vaccine. But the doctor who was watching him for sugar was against the vaccine. Specifically, he told him: “Come on, where are you going to be vaccinated, the vaccines have water. Neither you nor anyone else in the family should go. This gentleman works in a hospital in Achaia. The family has broken up. We are all broken up. It is good for my nephew to return home and we will tell him in court with this gentleman. When his wife did not call him and said: "Doctor, the fever has reached forty, I will take him to the hospital" his answer was: "Give him a depot". His wife did not listen to him and took him by ambulance to the hospital of Aigio and from there to the hospital of Rio. Criminal doctors live among us. Let everything go well for our family and the rest in justice… ".