At 12 o'clock she will cross the threshold of the interrogator Pispirigou - The questions she will be asked to answer

Two months after the death of the 9-year-old and while she had buried her other two little girls, the 33-year-old was confronted by the Prosecutor who prosecuted her for the charge of intentional homicide.

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Faced with an accusation that she killed her eldest daughter while 9-year-old Georgina was being treated, 33-year-old Roula Pispirigou is called to account to the authorities for the first time today.

The 33-year-old will be transferred to the courts and is expected to cross the threshold of the office of the 12th Regular Investigator at 18 noon, who issued an arrest warrant against her last Wednesday. Roula Pispirigou, who was arrested while she was already in GADA, did not give a statement to the police. Today will be the first official position of the mother against the data of the Authorities that made her responsible for the murder of her child.

The woman who on January 29 saw her third daughter end up in the hands of the doctors of the Aglaia Kyriakou Children's Hospital, who were anxiously struggling to keep the child alive, comes to an apology denying that she has any responsibility for Georgina's death.

Two months after the death of the 9-year-old and while she had buried her other two little girls, the 33-year-old was confronted by the Prosecutor who prosecuted her for the charge of intentional homicide.

Two months during which the homicide police officers and the scientists who decisively assisted them in their critical investigation, thoroughly examined every detail of both the child's course and the mother's behavior.

Against this accusation, today Georgina's mother, accompanied by her lawyers Konstantinos Zardas, who was appointed by the Investigator and Othonas Papadopoulos, who was summoned by the accused, will contradict her allegations.

According to information from her defense, the 33-year-old does not accept that it is her own hand that acted to end the life of the child. The 33-year-old seems to attribute Georgina's death to the possible involvement of other people, as stated by one of Ms. Papadopoulos's lawyers, referring at the same time to "mishandling during the treatment". oloim 3 600x392 1 Patra, PISPIRIGOU ROULE

The questions raised by the case file

The accused will be called to answer the questions of the court clerk who has in front of her a multi-page case file which states that Georgina, eighteen days after the death of Iris's sister on March 21, 2021, had her first "medical episode" with "terrible spasmodic movements of the limbs in her sleep ". And that on April 11, inside the Karamandani Hospital of Patras, the child suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest. The doctors brought her back after 50 minutes but the child had suffered from hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. The data included in the case file record nine episodes of the 9-year-old before she ended up. Everything occurs while the child is being treated in hospital wards and never when he is in the ICU. This will be one of the questions that the accused will be asked to answer.

The 33-year-old will have to give her own version of the findings of the toxicological tests that link the death with specific substances that are not related to the child's medication. But also to answer the reason that at the critical moment when the child began to show a drop in his pulse, he did not "hit" the doctors with the oximeter, which seems to have been disconnected.

However, apart from the data that result from purely scientific evaluations, in the case file there are other elements such as the testimonies of doctors and nurses, which describe specific actions of the accused. Thus, it is considered certain that the 33-year-old will be asked to give an explanation for the reason why the 9-year-old asked to be in a single room, but also for her, confirmed by testimony, her interest to know if there were security cameras inside the room.

From the testimonies collected by the police, it also appears that the accused, when her child showed the fatal incident, moved rather lazily and calmly enough to warn the doctors to rush to the ward. Her reaction was so "against" the urgency of the moment, that it made an impression on a nurse who, seeing her, testified that she thought she was looking for a blanket or sheet. zeygari2 1 600x326 1 Patra, PISPIRIGOU ROULET

The behaviors recorded by the investigations of the prosecuting authorities

In parallel with the medical events that took place before the child ended up, it seems that the prosecuting authorities approached the case by watching all the movements of the mother and before but after the loss of her only child, starting from the loss of the other two children, Malena in 2019 and Iris in 2021. The way the mother dealt with the most painful condition for a parent began to ponder. Almost immediately after the reports that referred to an "incredible tragedy for a family in Patras" referring to the loss of three children in three years, the focus of the Police on the environment of the three children began.

According to court sources, the unusual extroversion shown after the death of the 9-year-old defendant, was targeted by the authorities with the experts referring to a special "distance" from what happened to her. It also seems to have been recorded as extremely rare, for a mother who has lost her child, to use words that are not commonly used by people who have suffered such cataclysmic, insurmountable events as the loss of a child to their parents.

The accused herself, in her interviews before being summoned before the Court, has given answers to several of these questions and it is estimated that in a similar context she will move and apologize. Indicatively, she has claimed that after the death of Malena and Iris, the effort of her and her husband was to live completely normal and not to express mourning so as not to affect Georgina's life.

He also said that after the death of the 9-year-old, their concern was to defend themselves against what was said against them. He also referred to incidents that the 9-year-old suffered while she was in the ICU. Respectively, after the meeting she had at GADA on Saturday with the accused and her lawyer, Ms. Papadopoulos referred to "incidents that occurred on days when the mother was not present".

For the 33-year-old, today's proceedings are far from an interview as at the end she will be confronted with the decisions of the Investigator and the Prosecutor regarding the deprivation or not of her freedom.

In this process that begins for the 33-year-old, it seems that she will no longer have at her side the father of her children who, calling his wife "accused", stated that he "wants answers", an attitude that foretells his complete differentiation.

Today is expected to be long and painful for the 33-year-old, but, as judges and lawyers report, after the end of the apology, the main investigation into the case will begin and other developments will be launched with specific investigative acts that are expected to take place.