Roula Pispirigou: "She died, leave her" is said to have told the doctors who were trying to save Georgina

It was suspected that Manos Daskalakis was collaborating with the Homicide Department

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More details related to their case of dead children in Patras see the light of day, a few hours before the apology of Roula Pispirigou, who is blamed for the death of her daughter, Georgina.

Speaking to the Peloponnese newspaper, a doctor who was on duty in Karamandaneio on the day the 9-year-old was abducted and an anesthesiologist managed to bring her back to life after 55 minutes, spoke about Roula Pispirigou's behavior.

"The mother turned to me, at the time when the colleague was making his superhuman effort and while 15 minutes had passed, she said: 'He died… Stop the effort, it makes no sense. Georgina does not go back. He suffered and it is better to rest "», he said.

It was suspected that Daskalakis was collaborating with Homicide

While the police investigation was in progress, the mother accused of the murder of Georgina's daughter suspected that Manos was collaborating with the Homicide Department, giving information that he considered to be harming her.

Information from the Peloponnese newspaper states that she had externalized her suspicions to her mother and sister, but also to other people around her, whom she trusted. And in fact, was looking for ways to monitor Manos to "check" if he climbs the steps of GADA or meets with police officers of the Homicide Department.

"Tell me everything about Manos"

During their last visit to GADA, Roula's mother and sister they pressured her "to speak and say everything against Manos".

"Your child has disgraced you, do not you understand? He has broken you in the wood so many times. He brought you here where you are today. How much further down will it push you?

These were the conversations of the mother in Roula, which she first conveyed to people she trusted, in the communications she had with them in the last hours.

In a contact yesterday, Roula's mother seemed disappointed:

"What can you say about this child?" He has so much "psychosis" with Manos and he does not understand anything. He does not listen to us… », was a characteristic aversion to what she said to her interlocutor;

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