Tempi: "Explosives" were found in the belongings of the dead

The developments in the case of the train accident in Tempi are shocking

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The developments in the case of the train accident in Tempi, which claimed the lives of 57 of our fellow citizens on February 28, 2023, are shocking.

According to the statements of the member of the Association of Relatives of the Victims, Mr. Christos Konstantinidis and specifically of the case file, xylene, toluene, propane and butane, all explosive substances and not silicone oil as was originally reported, were found in the victims' belongings.

Mr. Konstantinidis pointed out that he was not notified of the case file by the judicial authorities, but he himself requested a copy of it, two months after the issuance of the relevant conclusion of the State General Chemistry. He immediately sent it to the technical advisor of the Association of Relatives of Victims of Tempe, who after studying it, drew up a brief technical report.

"The case is starting to stink a lot more..."

"I thought it was right to deconstruct these things a little, because the findings were very important and neither we nor the world can believe that the silicone oil caused this 'mushroom'... in a little while I will take the new evidence to the investigator and let's completely deconstruct the silicone oil and the false testimony of the experts will be seen," said Mr. Konstantinidis speaking to radio station 98.4.

"...everyone knew what was going on in the railway"

"The case begins and stinks much more than we can imagine, but the truth, as we have said, cannot be hidden," he added.

Regarding the explosives, Mr. Konstantinidis pointed out that they had no reason to be at the scene of the accident. "They don't float in the wild...so after 7 months of being there, imagine what they were in the first few days," he explained.

He emphasized that there are many questions about the way the case was handled by the Court. "We fight and run and encounter infinite obstacles, nevertheless there are forces that help us and we overcome them, we may be a little late, but ultimately what we want comes at the right time" he said.

European Parliament

When asked about the European Parliament, which they will officially address next week, Mr. Konstantinidis said that the goal is "beyond the murder, which is not disputed, to show the bad words in our country, that the Rule of Law that the European Union defends, I think that it is not in the right place."

"To raise the indictment from negligence to possible fraud"

In conclusion he said that whatever and whoever tried to cover something up will soon be revealed.

"Even if a cover-up is attempted, the dead speak to us through their personal belongings, even after 7 months, I believe that in the end justice will be served" added Mr. Konstantinidis.

"We want to raise the indictment, from negligence to possible fraud because everyone knew exactly what was happening on the railway... and the ministers and the deputy ministers and the prime minister, who are sued persons" concluded Mr. Konstantinidis.

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