Traffic Pantelidis / Mother Minas: "It was a bunch of bones with tubes"

"Because she was accused, she had a psychosomatic episode. Madam President, it was a bunch of bones with tubes and irons. "

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"Because she was accused, she had a psychosomatic episode. "Madam President, it was a bunch of bones with tubes and irons." This was stated today, among other things, in her testimony in the Court of First Instance, where the trial of the lawsuits that have been filed in the case of the car accident of the singer Pantelis Pantelidis, Mina Arnaouti's mother, recounted in court what her daughter had said about circumstances under which the tragic event that cost the life of the popular singer took place.

Mina Arnaouti, who was riding in the vehicle with Frosso Kyriakou, was seriously injured in the accident. He remained in the hospital for about eight months and underwent several surgeries.

The testimony of Mina Arnaouti's mother

Mina Arnaouti's mother, testifying today at the trial, spoke about what preceded shortly before the fatal car accident. "Mina and Frosso did not participate in gambling. "It was a big table with large sums and they went next to a small table and sat at the window because they were told they were bringing rudeness," the witness said, adding that if her daughter had understood that P. Pantelidis had consumed large quantities of alcohol, would not fit in the vehicle.

"She can not accept herself as she is. He has panic attacks and phobias. It has been found by doctors. Mina wants to be close to Evangelismos. Her house is right next door. "For coffee to understand, he goes to the hospital clinic", said another witness in court. She also referred to the reactions that took place after the accident, typically stating the following: "After a month she went down to the cabin, we went to her TV and there she had a tragic experience, watching what was happening. He was upset. About the death of the child. He had nightmares, he could not believe it. Because she was accused, she had a psychosomatic episode. "Madam President, it was a bunch of bones with tubes and irons."

Lawyer: "When they left, was there any indication that the deceased could not drive? Did he stumble, shall we say? "

Witness: "No. Equally, they made a fuss and got into the car. He would not get in the car otherwise. "

Lawyer: "What did she (her daughter) tell you?"

Witness: "He told me that Pantelidis drove. At first, she did not wear a seat belt, then she started running, got scared and put it on. Mina had a phobia with cars, so I can not know if she was really running or if she was scared. "She lost her father in a car accident and a friend of hers had a bad incident."

The debate continues. The brother of the undefeated singer, Triantaphyllos Pantelidis, is also in court.

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