Glyfada: "I came to clarify the situation" - How we got to the carnage of the shipping company

Tragic is the account of the bloody attack on a shipping company in Glyfada

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The testimonies of the employees of the shipping company in Glyfada, where four people, including the perpetrator, lost their lives from gunshots are shocking.

The gunman broke into the offices, located at the junction of Artemisiou and Fleming streets, on Monday morning (12/2), with the intention of killing and succeeded. With one gun he spread terror and death, taking three lives before taking his own life.

His victims are Maria Karnesi (sister of shipowner Spyros Karnesi), Antonis Vlassakis (husband of Despina Karnesi and CEO of the shipping company) and Ilias Koukoularis (former captain and employee).

"We heard a shot. We ran to hide, we were afraid that our lives will end," said eyewitnesses.

"He was determined to kill as many as he could," one of the company's workers said in horror.

An alarm was raised at EL.AS when some of the workers managed to get out of the building and call 100 for help

One employee said everyone was in their offices when they heard the shots: “We were in the offices and we heard shots. We didn't know what happened. This is an old employee of the company, whom we called Ari, and he has been fired a long time ago. Apparently he wanted to take revenge on the bosses. He was yelling at everyone to leave and hit targeted people."

Another man, whose father-in-law is among the victims of the attack, said: "My father-in-law was with the son-in-law of the ship owner and the criminal entered with the rifle. My father-in-law went to disarm him, grab his carbine and he took out a revolver from his pocket and shot him from behind in the back."

The chronicle of the tragedy

The perpetrator, 70 years old, was of Egyptian origin, had worked for the company for years and - according to the information - had been fired, while he was also a caretaker at the Karnesi family's house in Petaliou.

Shortly after 10 o'clock, after bypassing security systems, he entered the shipping company's premises from the parking lot. He went up to the mezzanine, where he opened fire on the company manager and the captain, who tried to disarm him.

He then moved to the second floor, where he also killed the owner of the company. "I came to solve our problem, I came to make it clear," the gunman reportedly told his former colleagues before opening fire. Afterwards, he committed suicide in the basement of the building, with a carbine next to him.

According to information, Maria Karnesi was shot in the head and chest, her son-in-law in the head and the captain in the shoulder.

According to one witness, the perpetrator had hidden the carbine in a bag, while other testimonies have also spoken of a second weapon.

The phone call at 10:20 that alerted the authorities

An alarm was raised at EL.AS, when some of the workers managed to get out of the building and call 100 asking for help.

Strong police forces and men from the E.K.A.M rushed to the scene, who entered the company's premises, as well as a negotiator in order to convince the gunman to surrender.

The operation to locate him began at 11:15, as the initial information wanted the Egyptian to be buried on the second floor of the offices. Finally, shortly before 12:00, it became known that the 70-year-old had ended his life.

Two employees of the company were taken by ambulance to Asklipieio Voulas to provide them with first aid, as they were in a bad psychological state, while due to the police operation traffic was stopped at the following points: Posidonos Street and Fleming Square,
L. Karamanlis and Kalypsous, Artemisiou and Rontiri.

"He shot himself in the head"

According to the representative of EL.AS., Konstantia Dimoglidou, the first police officers arrived at Artemisiou Street two minutes after the call for a shooting incident.

Also, a police negotiator and E.K.A.M. men rushed in, who freed employees, before the perpetrator was finally found dead.

"In less than two minutes, police officers from the Immediate Action and the OPKE team arrived, while then a negotiator and the EKAM team arrived at the scene, who carried out an operation inside the building, freeing employees from the company. Subsequently, as it was established, the perpetrator's illegal action resulted in the fatal injury of three people, including the owner of the company. The perpetrator, who worked for the family, was found dead in a different area from the three dead in the company, with the gun next to him. He had probably shot himself in the head," said Ms. Dimoglidou in her statements.

The announcement of EL.AS.

Today, Monday, February 12, 2024 at 10:11, the Immediate Action center was informed by an employee of a shipping company in Glyfada, who was inside the facilities, about an incident involving shots.

Police officers from the local Police Department, Immediate Action, OPKE, Traffic and the Attica Security Directorate were immediately mobilized, while a team from EKAM arrived at the scene. and negotiator of the Greek Police.

Police officers cordoned off the area around the company and then a coordinated police operation took place inside the building, during which two female employees of the company were freed.

As it was established, a 70-year-old man, a former employee, entered the building and, having a rifle in his possession, shot fatally injuring three people, who were on the first floor of the building.

Subsequently, the 70-year-old was found mortally wounded in a warehouse in the basement of the premises. The carbine he brought was found next to him.

In a search of the vehicle in which the perpetrator had gone to the company, a revolver was found.

A preliminary investigation is carried out by the Department of Crimes against Life and Personal Freedom of the Attica Security Directorate.