Philippines: President orders shooting of anyone violating the ban

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Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has called on law enforcement to shoot anyone who shows "disturbing" behavior in areas that have been restricted in traffic due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"I have instructed the police and the army, as well as the village officials, to shoot at people in case of problems or riots that could endanger your life. "Instead of causing problems, I will send you to the grave," the president stressed.

Hours before Duterte made the remarks Wednesday night, about XNUMX people were arrested in slums around Manila for staging a protest against the government, which is accused of failing to provide food aid to the poorest citizens.

As is often the case, authorities rushed to amuse their president's extreme statements, with Police Chief Archie Gaboa assuring police that they were not going to shoot those who did not show restraint. "The president probably insisted a little more on law enforcement in this time of crisis," Duterte added, as more than half of his country's 110 million people are confined to their homes, with many relying on their survival in seasonal or part-time employment.

Duterte's latest remarks immediately sparked condemnation from human rights groups, who have called on the government to provide vital necessities to the poor instead of threatening them. "It is very worrying that President Duterte is extending his 'shoot to kill' policy. "The use of uncontrolled, deadly violence should never be considered a solution to an emergency situation such as the coronavirus pandemic," Amnesty International said in the Philippines.

The Philippines has 2.331 cases and 96 deaths from coronavirus, but as the country begins to intensify diagnoses and tests, the numbers are expected to rise. The restrictive measures, which mainly affect Manila's 12 million inhabitants, have led to the closure of most businesses and the cessation of almost all social, religious and commercial activities.

Source: sigmalive